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Along with the introduction of Precision Products, Inc. we have brought a new level of quality and design, to set a higher standard for the pocket door industry. Each system we send out is meticulously hand assembled and tested to ensure exact specifications. All of our systems are unique in design with two US Patents. Our systems can hang heavy doors with no sag and make them glide without dragging or catching. Our system has been tested, and it does not lose camber even after 25,000 cycles. We can custom build a system for any application you may need. We do our best to provide the most efficient system in the industry.

Not only do we offer you the best pocket door system available, we give you a price that is hard to beat. By re-designing  the system in a way that eliminates cost consuming parts, we have made a product that is better in quality and lower in cost. We would like to share this new development with you, in hopes that we both may profit by it.

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1219-A Dorris Avenue
       Post Office Box 7444
High Point, NC 27264
336-688-0298 (Ask for Jed)